Interlocking Palladium Ring

The making of this Set of Interlocking Palladium Diamond Ring

The idea of making the interlocking palladium ring was born when the customer had the idea of interlinking their eternity ring, engagement ring and wedding ring together after finding an image on the internet displaying this eternity, wedding and engagement ring set.

The customer then came to The Village Goldsmiths studio with the idea of creating the interlocking palladium ring and met Adrian and Chris who went through a friendly a personalised consultation process to help bring the idea to life. They discussed that it was for the bride and that they wanted a bridal ring set.

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Ideas and requirement gathering

Once the design of the bespoke ring was discussed the customer was asked what their budget for the ring was and then Adrian explained how to pick the perfect diamond and showed the customer several loose diamonds to choose from which would be set in a Solitaire Setting style of ring. After careful consideration and attention to detail the diamonds that were chosen were a round brilliant cut with a carat weight of 0.75 carats.

The customer finger size was taken using our ring guage to ensure a perfect fit of the 3 rings.

Time Scale

Adrian knew that the ring was to be used on the wedding day which meant he had 6-8 weeks to complete this unique and beautiful ring.

Cheshire Goldsmiths Workshop Making Interlocking Ring
Semi Finished Interlocking Ring

3-4 weeks later the customer was able to come and try the rings on in a semi-finished state

The 3 rings were were starting to take shape. This is when the customer was invited to come in to make sure the rings sat comfortably on the ring finger.

Once the customer was happy Adrian had 3-4 weeks to set the rings with the diamonds in and polish to ensure a perfect finish. The two curved bands either side of the solitaire were mirror images and were perfectly created to fit nicely.

Interlocking Palladium Diamond Ring Made At The Village Goldsmiths In Cheshire

The finished Interlocking Palladium Diamond Ring with white gold bands was beautifully made ready for the wedding day. The idea of the Interlocking Palladium Ring was brought to life and we have a very happy couple with a his and hers wedding rings set.

The happy bride and groom were very happy with the ring and said it was perfect for their special day and wanted to thank Adrian and Chris for their excellent and professional service and most of all for making them feel welcome and looking after them every step of the way.

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Interlocking Palladium Diamond Ring - The Village Goldsmiths Cheshire