Picking The Perfect Engagement Ring

An engagement ring will most likely be one of the biggest purchase of your life outside of buying houses and cars. It can be confusing when looking for that perefect ring so heres a step-by step guide to buying an engagement ring.

This article from the Huffington Post (10 Things No One Tells You About Shopping For An Engagement Ring) will help you understand the emotions you’re probably going through and the thoughts you’re having. Don’t worry it’s all normal and you’ll be fine because we’re here to help.

Budget: Spend what you feel comfortable with…

First things first, you need a rough of idea of what you’re looking to spend on the ring. No matter what you’re chosen budget is we can help find the right ring for you.

Two to three months salary is often suggested when buying an engagement ring. However, according to latest studies by jewellery insurer Protect Your Bubble couples in the UK are spending £1,080 on average.

You could spend less and save everything for the honeymoon or spend more and have that special something that will be remembered until your golden wedding anniversary.

Research: Know what she likes (Most men take 3 months to find/design the perfect ring)…

Next, it’s always good to have an idea of any strong likes and dislikes that your partner has (we’re normally pretty good at dropping hints so get listening!)

There are two main routes which you can go down when it comes to choosing an engagement ring – do you go modern or do you go for a more classic and traditional style?

Do you know your other halves preference when it comes to the metal colour? Has she always dreamed of a platinum engagement ring? What colour are the rings that she already wears?

Now, most engagement rings are usually diamond rings but would she prefer to be different and incorporate some coloured stones?
Could using her birthstone in the design add an extra special element?

Is there a family heirloom which she’s always admired which could be remodelled or used as inspiration for her own engagement ring?
Would she prefer classic, timeless and understated or a more show stopping and extravagant style?

Knowing the finger size that we need is always a bonus (it’s a good idea to sneakily borrow a ring that she already wears to give you a rough idea of size) but we can always alter the ring after you’ve popped the big question!

Do you want a bespoke, off the shelf or made to order ring?

Choosing if you want a unique custom made ring or a ready made ring will help you decide what type of ring you will end up proposing with.

Bespoke Engagement Rings: The design is made to your specification, and the stones sourced and ring style are specifically choosen according to your specification. A bespoke engagement ring will take approximately 2-8 weeks to create.

Pros: Made to your exact preferences and you will own something truly unique. Adjusments and ring size can be perfect.

Cons: Can cost slightly more for the same quality ring as off the shelf beause of the  design and workmanship aspect.

Off The Shelf Engagement Rings: An off the shelf eternity ring is a ring which is in stock, and available to buy when you visit the store or website.

Pros: Can buy the ring in a short period of time and more than often walk away ith it same day. Full refunds are often available too.

Cons: Be sure of exactly what you’re buying and ensue you do your research to make sure that the ring you like the look of is actually the quality you’re looking for.

Made To Order Engagement Rings: You are likely to be able to view example rings in store or online and ensure you get a perfect fit. Creation time is approximately 2-4 weeks.

Pros: You have more control over having a ring made to your budget requirements and they’re often better value because they’re not held in stock.

Cons: Lead times take longer than a ready made version of the same ring. Less likely to be eligable for a full refund because the ring was made especially for you.

Shape: Choosing the shape of the ring is all down to personal preference…

Diamonds can be cut in to many shapes. A diamonds cut refers to two separate aspects; diamond shape and diamond craftsmanship.
The craftsmanship is down to the quality of the jeweller making the ring and the shape can be choosen by you. THere are many stone shapes ranging from round brilliant to trilliant.

The 4 C’s: Knowing your 4 C’s will help you make an informed decision…

If you’re choosing a diamond ring the best place to start is with the 4 C’s. In order of importance it is Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. There are a lot of resources out there explaining the four C’s. We recoment that you read our diamond guide (Guide to buying a diamond ring) to find out more.

Choosing the style of ring: The setting is important to the girl…

When choosing or designing a ring without your partner knowing, make sure that you stay aware when shes looking at jewelley in magazines, online, on televesion and on other people because if you’ve done your research you will notice what she likes and will be able to buy the perfect ring for her. These helpful hints will help us find or create the perfect ring.

Gather advice from her girlfriends and relatives if you’re not sure.

There is a wide range of different styles that you may wish to consider. These can range from the classic solitaire engagement ring to art deco rings to modern rings. The choice all depends on your preferance of romance style and her taste in fashion.

Colour of metal: what would look best?

It doesn’t have to be a diamond ring…

Looking after your ring: Get it Graded & Insured…

Contact us because we can help organise your diamond and gemstone grading service to ensure everying is insured should anything happen.

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