What to look for when buying a diamond ring?

There are many reasons why you would like to know how to buy the perfect diamond ring. Reasons range from wanting to pick a wedding ring for your beautiful bride or an engagement ring that will make her say “Yes”. Other reasons could include treating yourself to that ring you’ve always wanted to buying someone you love their dream gift on that very special occasion of their birthday. Here at the Village Goldsmiths in Cheshire we would like to help you understand the important aspects of diamonds with our very own diamond guide.

Diamond Guide

When it comes to buying a diamond ring a good place to start is ‘The 4 C’s’ and these are…

1. Cut
2. Colour
3. Clarity
4. Carat weight

The four C’s are listed in what is considered the order of importance. At the village goldsmiths in Cheshire we can help you choose and create your very own bespoke diamond ring designed just for you.

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The Four Cs: Diamond Education

An excellent diamond education guide explaining the most important characteristics of the four C’s- cut, color, clarity, and carat weight can be found in this excellent diamond education guide.

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The 4 C's Buying A Bespoke Diamond Ring From The Village Goldsmiths Cheshire

Diamond Cut (The better the cut the more sparkle)

Put most simply the cut of the diamond refers to its shape and proportions (the angles of the facets of the diamond). The better the cut will mean the more light reflection that is created which will result in a more sparkly stone. There are many different styles that a diamond cutter can produce.

The main cuts of diamond are:-




Diamond Colour (The colourless the better)

Diamond colour is generally based on an alphabetical scale from D-Z with ‘D’ being classed as colourless and ‘Z’ being a light shade of yellow.

You can also get a wide range of coloured diamonds including black and pink diamonds.

Diamond Clarity (The fewer imperfection the better)

Clarity is any imperfections within a stone and the technical term for these imperfections is inclusions. Diamond clarity is graded on a scale from ‘Flawless’ to ‘Included’.

The fewer inclusions a stone has generally increases the value of the stone.

Carat (The Weight)

Carat is a measurement of weight rather than size. A single carat is made up of 100 points, therefore meaning that half carat (0.5) size stones are equal 50 points and quarter carat (0.25) stones are 25 points.

We can help choose the perfect diamond for you and create the perfect bespoke ring…

At The Village Goldsmiths we provide a free consultation service to help you not only choose the diamond but we work with you to design the perfect piece of jewellery.

Things to think about when choosing the ring setting

We can help you choose the ring setting. There are many settings. However, the most popular is called a Prong Setting & Solitaire Setting (the little metal claw that grips the diamond tightly to hold it in place) which can be rounded, pointed, flat, or V-shaped. There are many other popular ring settings that you can choose from such as The Tiffany Setting, Bezel Setting, Tension Setting, Tension Style Setting, Channel Setting, Pavé Setting, Halo Setting, Cathedral Setting, Bar Setting, Flush Setting, Three-Stone Setting, Antique/Vintage Setting, Cluster Setting, Eternity Band, Shank/Split-Shank to name just a few (All of these settings are the round section of the ring that fits around the ring finger).

Other Important things to know about Buying A Diamond Ring

There is a lot to think about when choosing every aspect of your diamond ring such as Diamond Grading Reports so why not let us (the expert jewellers) help you design and look after this unique item of jewellery which you’ll cherish for years to come. We can save you hours of research and heartache and guide you through the diamond ring buging and/or designing process and make it an exciting and memorable experince that you will never forget.

We’re only happy when you’re happy with the way everything looks and feels.

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